Taylor Shogren

Taylor Therapeutic c.m.t.

Location & Scheduling

I've decided to refer new clients to Synapse Bodywork, Existing clients can schedule via: email massage@taylortherapeutic.com or call 415.205.6451

405 Kains Ave Suite 103 Albany CA 94706
Thursday-Tuesday 9am-8:30pm

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$65/30 m
$130/60 m
$195/90 m
$260/120 m

Cash, Check or Credit Card Accepted
Package Rate Available ($110 per hour)
Packages are Non-Refundable

Cancellation Policy

Please give 24 hours notice of change or cancellation. Payment in full for changes or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice is expected. If Taylor Therapeutic cancels with less than 24 hours notice your next massage of equal length will be free. Late cancellation due to illness with less than 60 minutes notice will also be charged.

My Philosophy of Massage: The Body in Movement

My approach to massage is one of movement -- moving the blood, the bones, the lymph, the muscles, and the connective tissue. Before you get on my table, we'll discuss what isn't working for you and what you'd like to focus on. This discussion usually centers around pain and range of motion issues although health history, injury, and general tension are also pertinent. Based off of this information, I tend to work the entire body to address holding patterns due to trauma, scar tissue, adhesion (when tissues stick together forming knots and causing pain), and hypertonicity (when muscles contract and forget to let go), focusing as requested on any specific trouble spots.

I believe that most people do not get as much bodywork as they would like to, either because of cost or time limitations. Because of this, I do my best to address the issues in the most profound way I can while ensuring your safety, accomplishing as much as possible during your massage. I work to the edge of what your body can relax into or to the edge of your tolerance for pain. If you have a strong need for more soothing and gentle work, I can also do that type of massage as well.

Style & Skills

I have been practicing intuitive massage since I was a child, and my professional training in Deep Tissue, Stretching, Trigger Point, Thai Massage and Shiatsu have all informed and further influenced my style of bodywork. I tend to work quite deeply and do a good deal of joint mobilization, working trigger points and muscles while simultaneously stretching and moving the body through various ranges of motion. I have training and experience performing pre-natal and post-natal massage as well.

What to Expect After You Get Off the Table

Because of the intensity of the bodywork, some of my clients may experience some soreness for a period of time after the massage. Because of this, and because of the changes to proprioception (your body's understanding of itself) that can occur after receiving massage, I generally discourage athletes and performers from receiving intensive bodywork in the few days before important events. With regular bodywork and proper hydration most clients experience a reduction in these post-massage sensations.


Education: Massage Therapist & Health Educator, National Holistic Institute, Emeryville CA (2003)
Professional Organization: American Massage Therapy Association (Member since 2003)
Certification: California Massage Therapy Council (Certificate#: 18904)


"I highly recommend Taylor Shogren's bodywork and massage work to anyone seriously interested in letting go of physical, emotional and psychological tension and get back to a relaxed physical and mental state immediately after. Taylor can go as deep as you wish him to go. I like very deep and painful massages and Taylor can go there, but he can just also be sensitive and soft wherever and whenever needed. One of the many aspects I appreciate of his work is Taylor's ability to find every single muscle in your body that you never even thought existed, and he knows how to work on it and does so with expertise, precision and thoroughness. I can let myself feel completely relaxed and limp in my body and can trust that Taylor will do whatever is needed. I like to remain quite during massage sessions and focus on the work, however while being quite there is a lot of interactive non-verbal communication that I experience with Taylor. Taylor can read the way I feel and progress on his work accordingly with sensibility and care, while he can also be seriously intense if that is what you want. For an incredible experience to last several days and even weeks I recommend Taylor.
- Antonio

"Taylor has given me the best massages I've had in my life, and consistently. I've traveled a lot and when I do I treat myself to a massage it is nice (and I've splurged at a couple of super-fancy places), but it's not the same as Taylor's. Somehow he moves and stretches the body in ways that reach knots and lines of tension that no one else does. One of the things that I think is really original is how he moves and stretches the body. I feel as if I'm doing yoga, dancing, sitting in a sauna, and receiving deep tissue massage all at the same time, except I don't have to do anything but breathe and feel. I get extension as well as compression, and I feel things elongating and pulsing as well as being made to putty. I can really feel energy circulating through me, into me, and out as opposed to just a single area just getting release, though that happens also. He seems to have a knack for knowing how much pressure is exactly on the edge of where I can go. Afterwards I'm a liquified blob of relief, but also energized. While I would recommend anyone to Taylor who likes a vigorous experience, I would especially recommend active or athletic people to him, as he will reach stuck areas that get in the way of your practice and it is really helpful. But he also did very well for me when I had an injury, completely protecting the shoulder area that was damaged while moving energy around it. So as well as being able to give a powerful massage, he also is very conscious of areas that need protecting and has the training to know exactly how to protect them. Hmm...all this talk...I think I need to schedule another one....
- Daisy

"Thanks again for the brilliantly thorough, therapeutic massage!!! My body is tingling, and all the little corners of muscle and tissue that have been clinging tightly to me have decided to relax as a result of your very skillful methods to release tension. I appreciate the unique way you use your height and strength to hold, twist and traction me. It's really satisfying both physically and mentally. (If I could figure out how to do these moves, I'd steal them from you!) I'd be happy to refer my clients to you any time - your bodywork is fantastic!"
- Uma

"Taylor is the consumate professional. He is personable as well as extremely knowledgeable regarding his craft. As a health professional, I was impressed not only with what he knows but how he applies that knowledge to best serve the client. Most massage therapists will have you lay down merely to receive a massage. Rather than settle for what most therapists do, Taylor goes above and beyond what is the usual routine and takes the time, care, and patience to manipulate your body into the most advantageous position in order to best isolate the body part on which he is currently focused. What he does is more akin to a truly therapeutic massage, which, I am thoroughly familar with and truly appreciate. You would do well to engage this gentleman's services as part of your regular health regimen."
- David C Berck MS, ATC Certified Athletic Trainer

"I could be considered a connoisseur of massage, having sought out massage regularly my entire adult life in New York City, then Santa Fe, and finally, the San Francisco Bay Area. My search for the best ended two and a half years ago when I received my first massage from Taylor. I have received massage from him every two weeks since then. Taylor's technical massage expertise is exceptional. His deep tissue technique and body work are restorative and create real shifts, including alleviating pain, stress relief, overall well-being, body alignment, and relaxation. From session to session, Taylor customizes his massage based on consultation at the start of the appointment and intuitive adjustments that he makes throughout the massage. On top of all that, his foot massage is heaven! I highly recommend Taylor to anyone looking for a truly fantastic massage therapist."
- Christina

"I was experiencing intense lower-back and leg stiffness and pain to the point where I found it difficult to walk. My physician referred me to a chiropractor and a physical therapist, both of which worked with me for over a year without results. I was nearly ready to give up ever being able to be physically active again when I met Taylor. While working my body to the edge of my tolerance, Taylor was able to dig in and get to the roots of the problems I was having. Within 2 months of semi-weekly massage I was able to walk without pain. 2 months after that I was able to do assisted squats. I continue to see Taylor regularly, and consider his services to be a necessity to my health and well-being."
- Paul