Heaters, tables and floors, oh my!

There are many things worse in life, but for first world problems, being cold during your massage ranks right up there. The only concern is that for the massage therapist, dripping sweat on your clients rarely goes well for you or them. Keeping your clients warm and not roasting yourself while you’re working is a bit of a balancing act.

Figuring out how to balance these two needs is thankfully relatively easy when we apply the appropriate technology.

If you have HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units in whatever space you work in, you can quickly warm the room or cool it if needed. If you don’t have HVAC, you’ll most likely be using a combination of fans and small oil or hot plate style heaters to keep the room temperature reasonable.

One way to create a nice differential between the warmth the client experiences and what the therapist experiences is heating the table or client separately from the room. While some folks may enjoy hot stones (warmed in a crock pot usually) I find them to be unhygienic usually.  I’m sure if you’re really careful and meticulous you can overcome these issues, but its not the route I’ve taken.

The other way to warm the client directly is either a heated blanket or a heated table pad. Most of the AC based blankets and heating pads I’ve seen used typically die at about 1 year of use. There are some higher quality products out there that I’ve had better luck with, but you’ll have to roll the dice as I’m not being paid to shill for companies 🙂

The reason I tend to avoid the heated blankets is because of draping. If you’re moving sheets and blankets around to keep clients modest while you work on different body parts, you’ll soon find the wires from a heated blanket getting in your way and being uncomfortable for your clients.

Now, my dream when it comes to heat in a massage space is to have a radiant heat floor for clients to walk on getting onto and off of the table…it sounds luxurious….though it would probably just make my feet sweat while I was trying to do massage.

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  1. James Madison April 29, 2015 at 11:05 pm #

    As a client, I’m a big fan of heated tables. It’s always a nice treat.

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