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Do you like to travel ie: “In-Home” massages.

The pitfalls and rewards of doing out-call massage, sometimes called “in-home” massages are a relatively varied bag. I’ll start with the pros and work my way through the cons after. I’m writing this in the age of smart phones, so many of the irritations I had when I first started doing out-calls are now a […]

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Heaters, tables and floors, oh my!

There are many things worse in life, but for first world problems, being cold during your massage ranks right up there. The only concern is that for the massage therapist, dripping sweat on your clients rarely goes well for you or them. Keeping your clients warm and not roasting yourself while you’re working is a […]

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The policies of Late, Cancellations, No-Shows and Reminders

For those massage therapists lucky enough to have a front desk taking care of payments and such, or management setting policies, you’ll probably never have to worry about these issues. For the rest of us, I think this can be one of the stickiest wickets to deal with when it comes to our clients and […]

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Space, the not so final frontier:

If you’re working for yourself in any capacity, you’re going to be looking at places to work out of. From your clients living room to a spare bedroom or small studio in your own home, there are many things to consider when you put together your location. I’m going to list off a few things […]

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Sheets and Oil/Lotion

When you go to get a massage, do you remember the room, the massage table, the oils or lotions used during your massage, or the fingernails of your massage therapist? The answer: you’ll remember whatever was uncomfortable or felt out of place. I’ll go more into room setup and furnishing at a later point, but […]

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The Tax Man Cometh

See a professional for your tax prep. Really. Everything else I have to say in this post is anecdotal experience and is not to be taken as tax advice. So at some point, you may decide to do some massage as an individual or sole proprietorship. What this means is that you no longer have […]

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